do snakes bond with their owners

They don’t really bond with their owners so much as get used to their owners. He "trusts" me when I need to enter his enclosure and tend to his water and other necessities. Some reptiles will also show pleasure at human contact. My problem is there seems to be a leaning that reptiles can or are in some way are being domesticated which is impossible-w-an animal-w-the brain function/capacity of a reptile. Turtles will hurry over toward you if reptile food is being offered. Iguanas liked to be stroked on the top of the head. I can`t wait to get my self a king cobra to realy see intelligence and maybe feeling and compasion or even rage in the eyes of a snake. Or, if … He realy seems inteligent, and he sticks his nose against the glass whenever I`m infront of him, he kind of gives me a greatfull look when I feed him, like in recognition. A snake will frequently approach its owner; then, upon realizing that there is no food, the snake will carry on with whatever it was doing or go back to hiding. I think my copperhead has taken a liking to me. American Green Tree Frog as Pets (4 Care Facts You Must… 5 Step Pacman Frog Care: Are they good pets? I'd love to hear stories of people getting love back from their snakes. I've never had a snake I felt a connection w/, but she becomes active and alert when I come into my room, and when I take her out, she acts so content. Anywho, snakes eat live food, so what, do you eat beef? Snakes have been known to show excitement and curiosity, too. I know that most people who ask it are hoping for a certain answer and that answer is “yes, a snake can form a bond with you were it likes cuddles and handling.” Unfortunately this is not the case … It’s like they enjoy your body heat and like being outside, not cooped up in a tank,” she says. … 11. He mentions, though, that snakes are very skittish creatures who need a strict routine to gain any level of trust. So no, they can’t feel affection for you. But the question is, do hamsters feel love? Snakes don’t even care for their young for too long. I am sure it is not the intention of the starter to prompt hot owners to train their deadly viper to be a lap snake but it is irresponsible to suggest you can own a hot and make it your "friend". Snakes are also naturally drawn to heat, and the human body produces a ton of that. These little slithery fellas offer a lot: most of the time, owners become enthralled with them, and are thrust into a world of genetics, biology, and the natural world. The same is true for most other pets as well, including other popular pets like ferrets, rabbits and chinchillas, but when it comes to non-furry pets and more unusual animals like tortoises, establishing whether or not they bond with their owners and show affection … While it’s true that many reptile species are best kept as “decorative” pets, there are species out there that bond with their owners and like being taken out of their cage to be played with. The horse asked him if he could help and take him across on his back. Pardon my opinion but I think this thread is getting a bit off the wall. Experts aren’t exactly sure if reptiles have the ability to bond with humans or not. Dr. Denish believes reptiles show emotion—but in a limited form. Unfortunately, s nakes can’t recognize their owners. Snakes are pretty simple creatures. But maybe not in the way you would think. Certainly they have a certain level of emotion - fear and aggression, particularly, are easy to see - but whether they can actually form a bond with their owner is debated. Two of the most obvious emotions: fear and aggression. Iguanas have molars instead of fangs like a snake, but their bite still hurts. Snakes don’t have the intellectual capacity to feel human emotions like love or affection. “You need to give them things to do—places to hide, places, to climb, things to lean against. They are uninteligent and live to eat much like a shark. According to the Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition, the majority of owners feed their captive snakes … It’s just a different bond.”. Observing these bonds allow bird owners to become familiar with the emotions and moods of their bird that can range from excitement to loneliness, stress and joy. He "trusts" me when I need to enter his enclosure and tend to his water and other necessities. Do you fell like you have a special relationship with some of your snakes ? with comments or questions. OK, before anyone accuses me of being crazy, I KNOW my snake does not love me. The horse looked at the snake and asked him, "Why?" Also, wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling your pet reptile. Theirs is a world of food, warmth, comfort, and secure hiding spots. There are quite a few examples out there of snakes connecting with people. Reptiles can be carriers of Salmonella, a bacteria which can be spread to humans. I had 2 ball pythons but I didn`t have enough time to bond with them. However, it takes time for a hamster to recognize its owner. Menu About. A snake that approaches its owner may also be merely looking for new territory to hunt. I've seen signs personally with my snakes that seem to say yes, they can. Subscriptions Help. Owners who reported stronger relationships with their dogs also had more oxytocin in their urine. The snake was overcome with joy as the two new friends made their way across the river. My snakes definitely know me as their owner. “Unlike domesticated dogs and cats, reptiles have retained their primitive characteristics,” says Adam Denish, VMD, a veterinarian at Rhawnhurst Animal Hospital in Philadelphia and Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Make sure you are cautious when handling or caring for your reptile. Home -- Venomous Reptiles on the Net. You can also take some reptiles outside—as long as you watch them and make sure they can’t get lose. That, says Dr. Denish, is difficult to prove. The doggy version of the strange situation begins with the owner … It depends on the individual snake to a certain extent, but there is evidence that some Spend extra time setting up reptile habitats. But there are other ways to feel as if you are “bonding” with them. Snakes eat a variety of food in the wild, usually rodents. Snakes don’t bond with humans, and their wild nature can change like that of pets like dogs and cats. For instance, a snake will hiss if she feels threatened and a bearded dragon lizard will puff out his beard and change its color from light brown to black when he’s mad or stressed, explains Dr. Denish. Hamsters do have feelings and can develop trust and love for their owners. They don't really bond with their owners so much as get used to their owners. The snake said sorry, it's just my nature. My ball python is like that. Do snakes bond with owners? “He’ll twist around your arm. It is the rare iguana who is social with strangers. However when "strangers" enter the room he notices them immediately and gets under his hide box. They don’t wag their tails when you come home, and they do not have the higher brain function (or anatomy) of mammals. But there are other ways to feel as if you are “bonding” with them. People who own reptiles aren’t getting them to snuggle, she explains. The more calm iguanas, however, tend to bond with their person but may only endure handling by that individual. He never shows any defensive behavior towards me. It’s more likely that snakes acclimate to their owners and become used to them, which could be interpreted as bonding with their owners. Do snakes bond with owners? Keeping a snake in a cage doesn’t mean they are domesticated, yes they are assimilated to human contact, and that’s about it with snakes. Certainly a reptile can develope a limited Pavlovian Responce as this is an instinct that nearly any earthly animal can be trained to tune in to. Copyright 2000 - 2007 I see that as bonding. Change it up every now and then.”. While snakes will not express nor show their appreciation; they can develop trust in their owners as seen by through handling and their perceptiveness to you as a threat. Reminds me of the story about a snake and a horse. Just as they reached shore, the snake bit the horse on the neck, delivering a lethal does of venom. “At the zoo,” says Dr. Denish, “we see snakes that are interested in new forms of enrichment like bedding, housing, or a new scent.”. They offer a rewarding experience, and are known to build bonds with their owners. Snakes are pretty simple creatures. Press Kit; Contact; Latest News; My Books; Other Writings Once that happens, the hamster would be happy to hop into its owner’s hand. Other than rats, and some larger rodents. The snake learns that the human is like a nice warm tree to climb up and lay across, and that the human will not hurt it. Do you ever feel that that snake knows you, that it is an inteligent creature, a thinking, calculating creature? “There’s no doubt in my mind that people can create wonderful bonds with reptiles,” says Lorelei Tibbetts, LVT, VTF, a veterinary technician who specializes in exotic pet medicine and is the hospital manager at The Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine in New York City. Maybe it's because i'm hot, but yes, as dumb as it sounds, I feel a bond w/ my ball python that I've never had with any other reptile other than a green iguana i had a LONG time ago.

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