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I have just run BatteryInfoView on it and it shows health at 84.6%. Not long after he left he came back, and we just gave him a new one. I paid in cash, as i had been saving a lot of my birthday gift money and tips to make this purchase for a while. They are in the store because they need assistance. Save $10. That seems pretty good for a secondhand laptop to be honest. I recently bought a Micro SD Card on Best Buy's online store. Bought an item with the wrong item inside of the box, Bestbuy is doing everything … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I call up headquarters and have a hard time with the accents and background noise. Wrong item shipped to me. While stores can normally help with a return of a shipped order, their system often expects the correct item to be scanned in. EDIT: WAS AN ONLINE ONLY ITEM, NO BEST BUY WITHIN 200 MILES HAS THE SPECIFIC ITEM I PURCHASED. Welcome & News TV & Home Theater Portable Audio Android, iOS & Mobile Phones Cameras & Camcorders Computers & Tablets Car, Marine & GPS Health, Fitness & Wearables Movies, Music & TV Shows Appliances & Connected Home Gaming Support Gamers Club Best Buy Store Purchase Best Buy Repair Support Delivery & Installation Other Customer Service Support Points, … The Best Buy Card is a financing program that lets you defer payments on in-store purchases and make manageable payments over time. It got lost in the mail so i contacted Best Buy Support. So wait, you bought this brand new in store? Picked up the last one they had in store according to the site (remember this) and headed straight home to get building. you’re telling me that you’ve only ever sold one 9700k? Best remedy is always to send a prepaid return label, as soon as a customer complains and only refund, after receiving the return, IF, it is your item. (Please note: Best Buy Card financing is only available on in-store purchases.) The lady on the phone made it sound like i would have to return it before the right one gets shipped to me, but the employees inside the store were saying that they wouldn't be able to accept the wrong item until i get the right item shipped to me. 0. She was probably expecting something along the lines of a case/skin for her iPod Nano. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Thanks . Best Buy sucks and you shouldn’t shop there. chasquad 2017-09-01 11:56:24 UTC #1. The i7-9700 has been on backorder/of stock for months now, it’s no surprise the store only got a single unit. Posts: 175. We aren’t perfect, and have on occasion sent incorrect items. Today is my wife’s birthday. If it was on backorder, they might’ve been able to order it for you, but who knows when it would come. Please note: If you ordered a PlayStation 5 on or after December 10, 2020, please know we can't guarantee this item will be delivered before December 25th … I didn’t even ask for a refund, as I figured it would be too suspicious and i’d just use the refund to buy another one anyway, and I was still turned down by the store. You can see each product's estimated arrival date on the product page and during the checkout process. So I had this pair of shoes, Doernbecher 6s, listed for $879.99 USD. The first buyer notified me of my mistake and I corrected it and gave them money to return the wrong item and gave them a partial refund and they were happy. For immediate help, please contact Best Buy at 1-888-BESTBUY (1-888-237-8289). I see that their policy is that buyer pays return shipping. Buyer sent back wrong item in an attempt to scam, and I didn't refund him...Am I in trouble? For faster return processing, please bring your packing slip (if you received one), or your receipt, the credit card used to make your purchase, and a valid photo ID. Buyer Returned Wrong Item. The Facebook team will best be able to explore any options that might be available. As the title states, I purchased an item today (i7-9700k), from best buy brand new. 2 years ago. $499.00 Your price for this item is $499.00. It gets even worse. General Selling Questions. CS should’ve explained that better. You may return any item purchased on at any Best Buy store. Am I getting that right, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sorry you’re having a hard time, I hope this gets resolved. Best Buy Co. (NYSE: BBY) is the largest operator of consumer electronics stores in the United States, with 1,779 locations and $39.49 billion in revenue as of July 31, 2015.Best Buy is also a major player in the world of ecommerce; was the sixth largest ecommerce website in the United States, with 31 million users a month, according to Statista. Wise, Aged Ars Veteran Registered: Jul 8, 2002. Release Date: 09/10/2020. What do I do? That being said, when you went to return it, the only reason they couldn’t do an exchange is if POS wouldn’t allow an order because it was on out of stock. Shipping Timing. I call up headquarters and have a hard time with the accents and background noise. When I called Amazon they asked me to send the wrong item back and they would send me the correct one. Press J to jump to the feed. Came home, PS4 pro is still there. They are just being cautious and situations like these had already happened. Highlighted. Our customer service lead essentially "Returned" the Airpod Pros even though we didn't physically have them and only had the regular Airpods. Apparently BB phone CS has “No power at all over in store issues and transactions”. We are not officially endorsed by nor affiliated with Best Buy Co., Inc. Best Buy employees are not required to reply to your post and provide assistance. Find a store. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If this was the case, every Reddit reader out there would just claim ‘You sent me the wrong item’ to get their free stuff. Close. r/BestBuy is a community-driven subreddit aimed to allow for both customers and employees to engage in meaningful conversations regarding the company or their local store. I was on hold for about 20 or so minutes before finally getting through to someone. Customers didn't forget how to use Amazon or Best Buy curbside pickup. If you receive a product that is damaged in shipping, defective or that is not the product you ordered, please return it during your return and exchange time period to a Best Buy store — and we will arrange for a replacement. Consider this and politely ask for a manager. Granted, it’s usually an online only item that’s been returned to a store that we then place on a shelf, but I have seen cases of putting out only one of something and then never seeing it again. In reality, I wanted to surprise her with a nice laptop. Bought an item with the wrong item inside of the box, Bestbuy is doing everything in their power to deny me a refund or replacement. Just deal with 1-888-BEST-BUY and let them take care of you. At this point i’m seething but I ask them what they advise me to do about it, to which one of them replies, “call BB CS, or call intel Customer service and have them send you another one”. In general, this creates certain disapproval by customers for the Amazon platform and affects businesses, as a whole. I had sent the wrong item by accident (I had switched 2 packages around on a very busy day). Finally got a good look at the heatspreadder and it says ‘intel celeron’. User rating, 3.7 out of 5 stars with 3 reviews. Last Saturday I went to the Best Buy store near Columbus Circle, NYC, hoping to get an exchange of items. I immediately got on the phone with BB CS, and tried to be as polite as possible considering my situation; anything to help me prove I wasn’t lying basically. We had a guy buy a router only for him to get home and find that a block of squirrel feed was in it. We received it today and it was not the product that we sent … This is absolutely wrong. We had a bottle filled with sand returned in a time capsule when I first started back in 2010. $59.95 Your price for this item is $59.95. Close. She then told me to make an IA for a SKU swap which cost our store money. Wrong item was sent: If you received a completely different item, not just that the size, shape or color wasn't what you selected (see "Inaccurate website description"). As someone who has been sent the wrong item, I think that as long as you apologise quickly and send the right thing, plus postage for return of the wrong one if it’s worth it, or just tell them to keep it if not, no harm is done, and in fact they might be pleased. Its best for the customer to deal with 1-888-BEST-BUY so they can easily ship out a replacement and it won't affect the store. A problem arises when Amazon sent the wrong item to a buyer. When I told her it's an hour or so away, she insisted I just take it and offered no other help. I think i got it all sorted out except for the part where i return the item that was wrongly shipped to me. The customer returns the wrong product, we take shrink because we're actually required to return whatever is on the receipt. We sometimes offer free shipping for specific shipping options in select categories, or free shipping sitewide. Posted by 5 months ago. She mailed Best Buy the wrong PS4. Right, I’m sure this is as difficult a situation for them as it is for me, i’ll go back today and see if I can speak to someone. We emailed Best Buy and got no response. All forum topics; Previous Topic; Next Topic; 6 REPLIES 6. u/tripleh3lix25 . This post starts out personal but gets to the interesting part very quickly, so please read on. Whatever the price difference, positive or negative, has to be taken in as an Inventory Adjustment. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Sucks, because this happened at our store. Being a good husband I decided to come up with a nice surprise. If local regulations have prohibited us from re-opening your local store, you may return your item(s) via our curbside service. I sent the buyer a message indicating this however I wanted to post this here to see how others would handle this situation since it has never happened to us before. 349 Views Message 1 of 7 0 Helpful Reply. Alternatively, you can choose to pick up your online order in as little as 1 hour at your local Best Buy store using Quick and Easy Store Pickup. I started freaking the fuck out because i just dropped $400 on a celeron and I broke the box seal so i’d have no way to prove that it was there before. Avanquest - SoftMaker Office Standard 2021 (5 Devices) - Linux, Mac, Windows [Digital] Model: BN-0005-E. How would be the best way to handle this to avoid negative feedback? Over the past two weeks I have purchased items to make my home a smart home an a mesh system. I ordered a bluetooh shower speaker, but was sent bluetooth headphones instead. EDIT: WAS AN ONLINE ONLY ITEM, NO BEST BUY WITHIN 200 MILES HAS THE SPECIFIC ITEM I PURCHASED. Best Buy's customer care team monitors that page but is not active here. For immediate help, please contact Best Buy at 1-888-BESTBUY (1-888-237-8289). Someone had Airpod Pros shipped to their home to only receive regular Airpods. I asked them if they had any more in stock, “no, we’re sold out” WHAT? Pretty much the title, i went instore and they told me to call best buy headquarters. (3) Price Match Guarantee. Close. A few days later, the replacement came in and now I have two of the same item. That said, they may need for the incorrect item to be returned before a refund or replacement can be arranged per the return policy. Selling on Amazon. I called back after finding out my wife did not have a printer available and they said she could return it to the store. Get our Low Price Guarantee, online or in store, on a huge selection of electronics, appliances, furniture, fitness, travel, baby products and more! I am a seller (on another account) and I would never make a buyer pay for the return shipping if I made a mistake. There are situation from assholes switching items and trying to return, it happened way too often with AirPods. We take a hit for it, but we made the customer happy. 0. We authorized a return request a week ago. Hi, I recently ordered two video games online. I get there just before they close, at about 8:35, and go straight to the CS station, explain the problem, explain to them what CS over the phone told me, and then I give him the imposter chip and he heads to the back. Escalate it, but keep in mind there is no way for employees to know what really happened. This was around holiday time and she didn't tell me until later. I just realized i sent buyer the wrong item. Add to Cart. I had no idea who the second buyer was until yesterday when I looked at my feedback. 0. Was $69.95. I recently bought a Microsoft Surface Book 2 and was sent 4 used textbooks instead. Wrong item in box, and Best Buy refuses exchange 42 posts • 1; 2; Next; chimmyc . The website says wrong item shipment can be returned to the store, but that is incorrect. The buyer has not received the item yet. to make a long call short, I was told that they cannot help me with purchases made in store, but if i go to the original store they would be able to get me a refund for sure. They sent me the wrong books. Why do i hear about squirrel feed so much with returned routers? The Best Buy that invested in happy employees, a bonus structure that gave everyone a vested interest in the store performance, and buckled down to improve the customer experience. Wrong PS4 sent back to best buy. After a few minutes he comes out with 2 other guys and they’re all staring down the computer screen for few seconds, before one of them tells me that usually they could help i. this situation but they can’t refund me because the only 9700k they sold at that store was the one to me.....what? The buyer bought and paid for the item, and I left positive feedback which I regret doing. It just feels like I’m being given the run around here because no one wants to deal with this situation. Wrong PS4 sent back to best buy. May 28, 2014 9:55:31 AM. That is … Options. The service they're getting right now is going to impact the core of our business, … To help get this resolved, I recommend posting on the Best Buy Facebook page or sending Facebook private message here. So I did, I called BB CS, and told them exactly what transpired at the store, as well as the prior advice I was given from CS over the phone. Best Buy came out to my home … I had a PS4 pro arrive, I decided it was too much money and already own a PS4, and while I was at school over the week my mom packs it up and knows I'm sending it back. Thanks. Posted: Fri … Press J to jump to the feed. People are telling us to keep the extra set, but it just feels wrong with it being such an expensive item. I was probably a bit too over the edge when writing this,as it has yet to be resolved, but it just sounded weird that there were so many other cpus (8700ks and 9600ks especially) and only one 9700k. Since it was the only one in stock from the return, we had to take a No-Pick from our Inventory team because it reflected on the website to us having a pair. They were very helpful and quickly replaced my item. I emailed the seller telling them this and I asked for a refund. So then I called and the rep told me to take it to the nearest store. Brought to you by our financing partner Fairstone, this program provides flexible financing options and easy ways to pay. Ah, okay. Updated Teamfight Tactics TFT Items Cheatsheet, stats, how to guides by pros, tierlist by rounds, and more! Archived. That is absolutely ridiculous. I am not going to pay to ship them back. Turns out, the lost item was delivered to me the next day. It doesn't work that way. Rejected again for battery wear. I got home, opened the box and got ready to put the cpu in when i realized it looked kinda dirty, and upon closer inspection the bottom of the Cpu looked like it wouldn’t fit on the motherboard at all. Forums. Shipping cost is calculated on a "per order," "per item" or "per pound" basis and is based on the shipping option you select. Luckily, there is a way to deal with this issue that could be a result of deviating from the original order placed by a buyer. The only positive side to this is that our store is all about making customers happy and getting them out the door in a quick and prompt manner. Am I actually just out $400 here or do you guys think I have any options? As far as what to do, it genuinely surprises me that they didn’t just order you a new one to replace what you bought. And the box was the i7, it was sealed, but then there was a Celeron inside? I called customer service, which e-mailed me a return label. 3 months ago. Both ways you have said causes shrink at that particular store. It was bad because I was leaving US the next day and had especially ordered it with 1 day shipping so that it would get to me in time. Publisher: Avanquest. u/Shantorian14. You’re telling me you guys got one 9700k in a shipment and only ever sold that one chip, one time? Fuck. Sent a laptop in and it was rejected for battery wear, put a new battery on and sent it again. SKU: 6428011. Awesome, I get back in my car and jump on the highway back to the original store, which is about 40 or so miles away. To address the “only ever sold one” issue, there are definitely times we will get in a product and only ever actually get and sell one. We are not officially endorsed by nor affiliated with Best Buy Co., Inc. Best Buy employees are not required to reply to your post and provide assistance. Pretty much the title, i went instore and they told me to call best buy headquarters. Wrong item shipped to me. Posted by. Just because a customer claims you sent the wrong item, you are not under any obligation to ‘Just Refund’. From there, I was denied an opportunity to speak with a higher up CS agent after politely asking if there was one available (Iwas told that he was “right here, but unable to help me”), and then told to go back to the same store and tell the manager directly to replace my part and he will have to do it. When I received the package, I found those two video games I received are different from the games I ordered. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/BestBuy is a community-driven subreddit aimed to allow for both customers and employees to engage in meaningful conversations regarding the company or their local store. Posted by. Returning Defective or Incorrect Items.

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